Avast Pro 7 for Mac - Protection of workstations

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Avast Pro 7 for Mac is a user-friendly Avast professional version designed for Mac, providing you with a real time protection.

Thanks to its user-friendly design, this solution provides you with an exceptional protection for your Mac.

You'll find in this version, all the reasons why you decided to purchase a Mac: simple, user-friendly and efficient !

Macs were more immune to malware threats in the past, but their increasing popularity – i.e. greater market share – has made them a hot new target for hackers...

You like your Mac ? Protect it !

With Avast! Pro 7 for Mac, be sure that no virus will never take the control of your device !


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      You get 30% renewal discount on all versions!For example, your version is 4.8, and you switch to version 7: the discount applies.You change the initial quantities, add or delete licenses, the discount applies in all cases.You add to cart version that you never had previously : the discount applies too! For example, you had licenses for computers only, and you want to protect servers, the discount also applies to server versions. Renewal discounts
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Avast Pro for Mac main technologies

The version 7 of WebRep browser plugins provide greater protection against phishing sites, including heuristic detection of new phishing sites.

Innovative scanning engine protects against viruses, spywares, and other malicious agents. Also detects malware targeted to Windows.

Provides the best, most up-to-date signature-based detection because the global avast! user community provides fast samples of new viruses.

Real-time scanning of opened/executed files.

Scans all incoming/outgoing emails for malware.

Scans all visited web pages, downloaded files, and java scripts. Thanks to the intelligent stream scanning feature, the Web Shield doesn‘t slow down your web browsing.

System requirements for Avast Pro for Mac

Operating Systems Supported:

Mac OS X 10.5.x (Leopard)
Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard)
Mac OS X 10.7.x (Lion)
Mac OS X 10.8.x (Mountain Lion)

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

Intel-based Mac