Avast File Server Security - Server Protection

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Stand-alone, high-performance server protection

  • Prevents data loss caused by malware
  • Scans all the traffic your servers can handle
  • Simple to customize and deploy

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Avast File Server Security features

avast! File Server Security offers the most powerful protection for keeping your servers infection-free. As a first line of defense it scans all the traffic your servers can handle and is easily customized for even the most unique deployments.


Be in control

Our easy-to-navigate graphical user interface (GUI) offers a user-friendly central window to all program functions.

Integrate your SharePoint

Our SharePoint Server plug-in integrates with SharePoint 2003/2007/2010 Servers via Microsoft's own AV interfaces.

Get the info you want, when you want it

Comprehensive reporting options provide adjustable parameters for what information gets reported and how often.

Real-time alerts

In case of infection or unwanted activities, the central console receives immediate real-time alerts.

System requirements for Avast File Server Security

Windows 2012/2008/R2, 2003 server
Windows SBS 2008/2011
512 MB RAM
360 MB of free hard disk space

Microsoft SharePoint server

Note: Minimum Windows system requirements have to be met! avast!

Please note that avast! will not run properly if you have other antivirus software on your Server.

Prices for Avast File Server Security

Prices are reduced by segment1 year
2 years
3 years
1 server (Price per unit)359.00 EUR
269.25 EUR
538.50 EUR
403.88 EUR
646.20 EUR
484.65 EUR
2 to 4 servers (Price per unit)305.00 EUR
228.75 EUR
457.50 EUR
343.12 EUR
549.00 EUR
411.75 EUR
5 to 9 servers (Price per unit)259.00 EUR
194.25 EUR
388.50 EUR
291.38 EUR
466.20 EUR
349.65 EUR
10 to 19 servers (Price per unit)220.00 EUR
165.00 EUR
330.00 EUR
247.50 EUR
396.00 EUR
297.00 EUR
20 to 49 servers (Price per unit)187.00 EUR
140.25 EUR
280.50 EUR
210.38 EUR
336.60 EUR
252.45 EUR