Discounts linked to your status are available on all products from the Avast antivirus professional range.

  • 30% discount
Government and public administrations
All local governments (including town councils), regional and national governments and all public services.

Health services and establishments
State hospitals, clinics and health organizations.

  • 50% discount
Schools and related educational establishments
Primary, secondary, tertiary, professional and continuing education.

Not for profit associations or public institutions
The association’s act of 1901, NGO’s (non governmental organisations).

To receive the discount corresponding to your status, please create your customer account, and then request the special configuration required to obtain your discount from your account.

You must send us an electronic copy of an administration document to prove your status. Once your status has been validated, you will be able to order online and your statutory discount will immediately be applied to your orders.


 Statutory discounts can be used in combination with renewal discount. However, it is not possible to combine any discount with the promotion that may be running on the website.