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Important for applying VAT on your orders

The document must be supplied in pdf format
Compulsory document proving the identity of your company or your business structure

For France:
Company registration certificate less than 6 months old

For other countries:
Company registration document or any other document that allows us to confirm the identity of your business structure.  This document must be less than 6 months old.

You can register your request now and supply proof at a later date.  Your retailer account will not become active however until proof has been received and verified by our team.

Applied VAT rate :

Compulsory for companies located within the EU but outside of France to obtain an invoice without VAT included.
VAT exemption

Please contact us so that we can configure your account manually.  This will be carried out once you have supplied proof of your VAT status and will enable you to place orders using the VAT rate that is applicable for you.

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